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Automobile Safety

Safety Education


  • Texting

    Don’t text and drive. You’re 23 times more likely to crash while texting. It takes your eyes off the road on average of five seconds at a time. At 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of a football field—completely blind. It’s like driving after having four beers. Put down your cell phone, your life is more important than any message.

  • Alcohol

    Don’t drink and drive. Drinking and driving do not mix, so just don’t do it! If you enjoy some holiday cheer, please decide on a designated driver ahead of time, call a cab or car service.

  • Sleep

    Get enough sleep the night before and be fully awake when taking off for your trip. Being drowsy or half asleep when you first start driving, no matter what time of day, can cause you to fall back asleep. The best way to combat this risk is to get to sleep two to three hours before your normal bedtime. If you're leaving earlier than you’re used to getting up, this extra amount of sleep will be vital to ensuring you get a full rest. Also, be sure not to eat carbohydrate heavy meals while driving to ensure your alertness.

  • Stay Alert

    Keep your mind active. Playing the radio on stations with music you enjoy, talking to people in the car, or taking in the scenery as long as it is safe to do so are all things you can do to stay alert. If your mind has just enough stimulation, it will stay engaged in the task of driving and watching out for dangerous situations, but over stimulation can cause you to lose focus on things, and that could lead to an accident.

  • Seat Belt

    Always wear your safety belt, and have proper car seats for the children in your car.

  • Weather

    Check the weather forecast before leaving and during your trip to ensure safe driving conditions lay ahead if you have a long distance to go.

Our Safety Partners

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    Bryan & Associates PA

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