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Distracted Driving Essay By: Jessica Ojeda Student at: Southwest Miami Senior High School

Distracted driving is a common occurrence nowadays, as more and more lives are taken away or severely injured in car accidents caused by it. Consequently, simple mistakes that could’ve easily been recognized now become detrimental. Distracted driving is the act of driving a vehicle while engaging in another activity, such as being on the phone, talking with passengers, eating and drinking, or fiddling with the car systems. Anything that takes your focus off the road can be extremely dangerous to drivers, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Driving in itself is a demanding task that must take all your attention, which is why it is harmful when it is pulled from it. From properly buckling up to ensure safety, keeping an eye on your speed to make sure you don’t go over the speed limit, keeping your blind spots in mind, and keeping an eye on the road for potential hazards. Not to mention having to understand all the road signs, hand signals, android safety laws. As well as keeping your car up to date keeping up with repairs, and following the manual. Additionally, these tasks may become more difficult when circumstances change such as outside influences distracting you from driving. Anything that takes your attention from the road is a distraction like sending a text, talking on the phone, using a navigation system, eating food, and drinking a beverage are a few examples. Causing distractions types your visual, eyes on the road, manual, hands on the wheel, and cognitive, mind on the road. This is detrimental as driving at high speeds with your focus off the road is the same as driving with your eyes closed, severely increasing the chances of getting into a car accident and death. The distracted driver isn’t the only one endangered but the other drivers and pedestrians may have their life altered as well. In conclusion, distracted driving is extremely dangerous to everyone on the road. As it puts their lives in danger of fatal injuries. When driving one must have their full attention on the road and nothing else. Circumstances on the road can change in an instant by looking away even for a second. No one deserves to die in a car crash just because someone was simply distracted no one should have their life irreversibly changed because of an irresponsible decision.

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