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Is It Safe To Ship A Car During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

May 8, 2020    Mike Rupers    Auto shipping, auto transport

We’ve been hearing this question a lot lately, so we decided to address it directly. Yes, it’s safe to ship a car during the Coronavirus pandemic. But like most aspects of life during this unprecedented time, it takes some caution and preparation. Read on to learn how to keep yourself, your vehicle, and your shipper safe – and discover why now might be the ideal time to ship a vehicle.

Auto Transport and Coronavirus

As of the time of writing, the CDC was still recommending people stay home as much as possible, limit contact with people, stay at least six feet away from others, and wear a face mask when out in public. With those kinds of precautions in place, it’s better to avoid auto transport, right? Not necessarily, especially if it means you’ll be doing the driving instead.

When you drive a vehicle from one place to another, especially over long distances, you end up making a lot of stops along the way – for gas, food, lodging, sightseeing etc. The stops are a normal part of all road trips, but now they’re also a chance to get exposed to Coronavirus or expose others. At a time when you’re safest staying home, you’re taking a risk going on a long drive. 

That’s why car transport – between any points in the lower 48 states – makes so much sense right now. A vehicle transporter can move more than a dozen vehicles at once in most cases. That’s a dozen people (or more) who are not out on the roads, lining up at cash registers, or sharing restroom facilities. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to conclude that shipping your vehicle during the Coronavirus pandemic keeps you safer and keeps everyone else safer too. 

Why Ship a Vehicle During a Pandemic?

Even if auto shipping doesn’t put you at significant risk, you might be wondering why you would want to ship a vehicle during a pandemic? Good question. As it turns out, the effects of the Coronavirus actually increase the need for auto transport services. Here are a few examples:

Get a vehicle home from college – When college campuses started shutting down, many students had to get home in a hurry. And now graduations are over, campuses have started to clear out completely, and many students need a vehicle elsewhere. Shipping it may make the most sense, especially considering that long drives could be risky. 

Take residence somewhere else – The Coronavirus has hit some areas harder than others. For those who are able, it may make sense to take up residence at a cabin or vacation home, and it also makes sense to have a vehicle wherever you’re planning to live for an extended period of time. 

Help family or friends – A lot of people are struggling right now. If you have a friend or family you’re planning to give a vehicle to, shipping it to them saves you the drive time. You can do a good thing for someone who really needs it without inconveniencing yourself. 

Shipping a Vehicle Safely

If you decide to ship a vehicle for any reason, you should take some precautions upfront. It’s always recommended to clean your vehicle thoroughly before shipping it, removing everything except what came with the vehicle. Now you should take the extra measure of wiping down the interior with disinfectant to kill anything that could be harmful. The vehicle transporter will need to be inside your vehicle briefly to get it on and off the trailer, so take the time to make the interior extra clean and safe.

You should take similar precautions when meeting up with the vehicle hauler. Follow the same protocols you use whenever you go in public, ideally using masks and gloves. Stay six feet away from each other by putting keys or paperwork on the hood of the car and walking away rather than handing things to each other. Of course, you should also wash your hands after the interaction. 

Common Myths About Auto Shipping During Coronavirus

We mentioned that we’ve received a lot of questions lately, and some have mentioned myths about the pandemic that are understandable but incorrect. For example, there’s no evidence that international auto shipments are any riskier. Vehicles shipped from overseas should be wiped down with disinfectant inside and out, but they shouldn’t be considered riskier than a vehicle only driven domestically. The same is true for vehicles made by foreign automakers or vehicles that rely heavily on foreign parts. Throughout the pandemic, all vehicles should be treated with equal amounts of caution. 

Direct Express Auto Transport – Your Partner During the Pandemic

Times are stressful enough without having to worry about car transport. If you want the process to be simple and safe, use this online car shipping quote calculator to explore the rates for haulers willing to take your vehicle to any corner of the country. Take some time to learn more about us, and please explore our blog to get more information and advice about safe auto transport.

Do you have questions about anything? Feel free to reach out to us by calling 800-600-3750. Be safe!

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