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Together with our safety partners we regularly hold different events at middle schools and high schools to educate students on the importance of safe driving. At our Safety Assemblies, we have a network of different speakers with impactful presentations, ranging from police officers and lawyers to trauma nurses and doctors, to regular citizens whose lives have been affected by poor decisions on the roadways.

For those still wanting to participate in these events, but are beyond our reach we also hold video conferences! This gives students and teachers the ability to participate in our assemblies from anywhere in the country! For more information or to schedule an event at your school please call (561) 488-7900!


The Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act went into effect on October 1, 2004. Florida State Representative Irv Slosberg introduced the bill following the death of his daughter Dori in a traffic crash.

History: Dori Slosberg was killed in an automobile crash in 1996 along with 4 other teens. She was 14 years old and not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

Law: As of September 2004, this act allows for the collection of $5 for each moving violation issued by law enforcement. The original fee in 2004 was $3. The collected fee goes toward the funding of driver education programs in schools. To date the fee has brought in approximately $55 million to fund the programs.

Funding: More than 50 counties in Florida receive funding for their schools to offer driver education training to students. County court clerks collect the money from traffic tickets issued in each county.

The Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act

318.1215 Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act.- Effective October 1, 2002, notwithstanding the provisions of s. 318.121. a board of county commissioners may require, by ordinance, that the clerk of the court collect an additional $5 with each civil traffic penalty, which shall be used to fund driver education programs in public and non-public schools. The ordinance shall provide for the board of county commissioners to administer the funds, which shall be used for enhancement, and not the replacement of driver education program funds. The funds shall be used for direct educational expenses and shall not be used for administration. Each driver education program receiving funds pursuant to this section shall require that a minimum of 30 percent of a student’s time in the program be behind-the-wheel training. This section may be cited as the “Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act”.

Our Safety Partners

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