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Adapted Vehicles

Ensuring Safe Operation and Warranty Compliance

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your vehicle and specially installed adaptive features safe and reliable. It may also be mandatory for compliance with the terms of your warranty. Some warranties specify a time period during which adaptive equipment must be inspected. These equipment check-up schedules may differ from those for your vehicle. Make sure you or your modifier submit all warranty cards for all equipment. This will not only ensure coverage, but will also enable manufacturers to contact you in case of a recall.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

Your vehicle warranty and owner’s manual will describe regularly required vehicle maintenance. Keep in mind that your adaptive equipment may need special attention or more frequent check-ups than your vehicle alone. However, the following checklist represents basic maintenance that applies to all vehicles:

  • Check tire pressure at least once a month and always before a long road trip.
  • Change oil as recommended by your owner’s manual, using the grade recommended.
  • Check all fluids when you change the oil, including power steering fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolant.
  • Routinely check headlights, brake and parking lights, reverse lights, and turn signals.
  • Remember to keep your windows and headlights clean. You need to clearly see where you are going. Keeping the headlights clean will help other cars see you too.
  • Check for damage from road hazards by having your vehicle put on a service lift at least once a year.

Proper maintenance can keep your vehicle running smoothly, leaving you free to concentrate on the road and enjoy the freedom of driving. However, if you think you have a problem with your modified vehicle or adaptive equipment, file a Vehicle Safety Complaint at Your information is important and could help determine if a safety issue exists.

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