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Distracted Driving Essay By: Nzeni Goss-Hyman


Distracted Driving is Not Acceptable Driving


             Do you believe that distracted driving can impair drivers, even if it is the slightest distraction? If you answered yes, then you are right. If your eyes are not always on the road, then this is considered distracted driving. Distracted driving can be personal, technological, emotional, and passenger. Let me explain. Driving is an opportunity that we all get to experience in life, and we must not take that for granted, that is why it is important to process all the fundamentals of driving up to being on the road with others. Moreover, we have laws regarding the road to keep everyone safe and out of harm's way.

A personal distraction can be worrying about the slightest problem that you have. For example, if there is something in your nose, your hair is not straight, or your makeup needs fixing. All of these “personal distractions” can lead to a collision, which leads to drastic measurements with other drivers. To elaborate, getting your license revoked, suspended, or taken away along with paying a fine. One solution to focus on if you have a personal type of distraction is to just pull over on the road where it is safe and make sure your parking gear is on. Then inhale and exhale while fixing the problem before getting back on the road.

The second distracting driving is technology, this can be looking at who is calling, texting, or trying to enter your password. As a driver, if you take your eyes off the road for one second to look at your phone, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Moreover, pedestrians are always on the road, and they are likely to be on their devices. It is up to you as the “safe driver” to take the responsibility to drive with care. The best part is that you do not have to feel overwhelmed because when you try to follow the law, you are less likely to have a problem. Before driving make sure to check any emails and messages, make any calls, and have your GPS ready if necessary. If you do not need your phone, then you could simply move it to the glove compartment where you are not distracted or have the urge to use it. Another safe tip is not to text or read on the phone while at a stop light because anything could happen, especially if you are quick to press the brake if there is an emergency.

The third distraction is an emotional distraction, this type of distraction is how you are feeling that can impact your awareness when driving. For example, feeling tired, too excited, and easily sensitive. Feeling this way on the road can easily take your conscience off the road, which can cause an accident and lead to severe problems. Do not fear because there are always solutions when driving. Step one is to take a deep breath and pull over, step two is to remember why you are on the road in the first place. Step three is leaving your emotions on the side of the road until you reach the destination.

 The fourth distraction is passengers, this could be your friends and family. This distraction is straightforward, meaning to always keep your eyes on the road. It does not matter what passengers want to show you. Even if it is a funny meme on the internet or a new meal for dinner, before they enter the vehicle remind everyone or a single passenger that no distractions are allowed for everyone's safety and life. By doing this everyone gets to reach their destination in peace and with their friends and family by their side at peace.

In conclusion, road safety laws are on the road on the internet for an important reason. If we drivers process all this information, we can save lives and become safe drivers. For personal distractions wait until you reach your destination or do it before you enter your vehicle. As for your cell device, try to set your GPS before you start moving the car and answer texts, emails, or calls before starting. Moreover, if the GPS is not being used during the destination, then simply leave it in the glove compartment. Emotional distractions can wait until you are done driving, but a helpful solution is just to inhale and exhale while solving the solution peacefully. Lastly, remind your passengers to avoid bringing up sensitive topics and distracting you while behind the wheel. Always remember that driving is an opportunity we all experience, and we must not take that for granted.

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