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First Responders Remembered


First Responders Remembered

Superbowl L111, wow, irrespective of the outcome, almost everyone was tuned in. In case you missed it, Verizon launched an ad campaign honoring First Responders.  The ad includes interviews with twelve athletes who might not be here if it were not for the brave men and women who responded to them in a time of crisis.

Verizon’s message

“First responders answer the call. Our job is to make sure they can get it.” 

On a warm, sunny Saturday morning in south Florida, the picturesque city of Boca Raton hosted its own outdoor event honoring local firefighters, police and their families who give so much and without their bravery and dedication, our little corner of the world would be a lot less better off.  

Dori Saves Lives was in attendance.  Dori is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to saving lives by eliminating distracted driving through awareness and a tireless campaign of technology, education. Legislation and law enforcement; lending it’s support and expertise towards the goal of reducing all first responder’s workload.

We love you guys

But, even they hope that Dori Saves Lives reaches its goal.

So, do your part.

  • Don’t drive distracted.

  • Don’t drive while texting.

  • Don’t drive while inebriated.

  • Don’t take anything personally.

  • Do have patience with your fellow drivers.

Everything can wait because NOTHING is worth the cost of a life.

The life you save could be your own.

So, take the pledge and if finances permit please donate so we can reach everyone who needs to hear this message.

Thank You.

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