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Seat Belt Safety For Adults

Quiz: 10 Questions About Seat Belt Safety

Any time you’re in a motor vehicle, no matter where you’re sitting or where you’re going, you should always play it safe. Remember to buckle up every trip, every time! Use this quiz to test your seat belt IQ.

1. True of False: Every State has at least some kind of seat belt law.


2. Far too many Americans die in crashes every year. Do you know how many unbuckled passenger vehicle occupants died in 2015?


3. If you wear a seat belt correctly while riding in the front seat of a car, your chances of a fatal injury are reduced by __ percent.


4. Is it best to use your seat belt on long trips or short trips?


5. What is the best defense against drunk drivers on the road?

A seat belt

6. Most crashes happen within __ miles of home.


7. Child restraint use drops by 40 percent when?

When parents ride without their seat belts

8. In 2015, seat belts saved approximately how many lives?


9. In 2015, what percent of passenger vehicle occupants 21 to 24 years old were not using restraints when killed in traffic crashes.

59% - the highest percentage of all age groups

10. True of False: Wearing your seat belt is your best insurance to prevent injury and death in the tragic case of a motor vehicle crash.


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